My first Omegle prank

Hey everyone. I thought I’d take a look at A website that works in the same fashion as Chat Roulette where everyone is connected to a random person and are able to talk to them using Text based chat and Voice and Video over IP. I have been thinking for quite some time of […]

My latest YouTube Videos

Hey people, I just want to let you know, I’ve been getting bored recently so I uploaded a few videos to YouTube 🙂 I’ll post them all here because I’m that cool 😀 I did this as a fast quicktime screen recording test to view the quality of it. I think it looks pretty good. […]

A day for a year

Tomorrow is my girlfriend’s birthday and all I was able to buy her was a card which has been sitting in her apartment for the past week or two haha. She has been wanting to open it since she got back from her parents house in Korat (A town in Thailand) last week, I have […]