jQuery posting

Hi All, I’ve not really been active all that much but that’s because I’ve been busy. I’ve most recently been coding a website that has a lot of jQuery function, usually to populate a form. I’m going to go through the basic code I have and for this example let’s pretend a user is filling […]

A day for a year

Tomorrow is my girlfriend’s birthday and all I was able to buy her was a card which has been sitting in her apartment for the past week or two haha. She has been wanting to open it since she got back from her parents house in Korat (A town in Thailand) last week, I have […]

I feel sick

Hey people I’m just writing to let you know a warning: never over cook spaghetti. It doesn’t taste nice when it’s done. ๐Ÿ™ I happened to do this today when I had my tea. It was no longer Spaghetti but slop, you know, the kind you see in prison movies. I’m sure it even tasted […]

Give in to temptation

I was bad yesterday. I’m meant to be on a type of diet, by type of diet I mean one where I only eat what I need to eat and nothing more. And that’s where I went bad. I was alone last night for my tea (Dinner to people not from England) and I went […]